ShoulderTHETAmetrix DUOsense provides an accurate and reliable method of measuring and visualising motion. The system combines two sensors, placed either side of the joint to provide quick and easy measurements of joint movement without interrupting the patient consultation. Sensors are attached with double sided tape and are small enough to be used on almost all joints of the body. The sensors measure the range of motion, pattern of motion, speed of motion and smoothness/co-ordination of motion; all of these can be displayed in real-time on very simple-to-use computer software.

This additional information can be invaluable for the clinician, patient and third parties (e.g. Insurers, Occupational Health) providing baseline and post treatment comparisons.


  • Quick and simple quantification of movement parameters.
  • Can measure three planes of motion.
  • Automatic saving and report generation providing reference information.
  • Real-time screen displays to aid diagnosis, patient explanation, treatment and follow-up testing.
  • Can be used as a biofeedback tool to re-educate movement patterns, posture etc.
  • Small enough to use on multiple joints, such as:
    • Neck
    • Elbow
    • Fingers
    • Ankle
    • Hip
    • Knee
    • Toes

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