Balance measurement has traditionally been the domain of the forceplate constrained to the laboratory.

However times are changing!

It has been established that sway of the pelvic region is highly correlated to postural sway as measured by a laboratory based forceplate.

Therefore balance function can be measured by the ‘sway signature’ of the pelvic region. This means balance function can be measured by a simple sacral/lumbar mounted sensor removing the cost and constraint of the forceplate and laboratory.

At THETAmetrix we have designed a sensor which takes these measurements and is wireless (Bluetooth), making it possible to use any task to test balance, from single leg stance to hop and land.

The THETAmetrix sensor corrects the results to minimise errors from dynamic tilt and sensor orientation. The sensor design and user friendly software remove these sources of error as well as provide the user with research driven outcome measures such as Normalised Path Length (NPL) chosen due to their highly discriminatory nature. This ensures peace of mind for the user – just turn it on and begin testing balance – anytime, anywhere.

If you are interested in the Balance Sensor or have any questions, click the Learn More button to direct you to the contact form.

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