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We aim to combine the expertise in sensor technology of our parent company - H Scientific, with specialist knowledge and experience in Sport, Biomechanics and Physiotherapy.

Our products are used by clinicians from a range of backgrounds including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Sports Therapists, Sports Scientists, Coaches, Teams as well as University research departments globally.


The THETAmetrix Timergate offers a highly accurate and simple-to-use timing system. It comprises a minimum of 2 timing gates (‘light-gates’) which use light beams which when broken start and stop the timing. The Timergate system connects to your PC via USB, which also powers the system. Up to 2 additional slave ‘light-gates’ can be used to provide a multitude of flexible timing solutions including sprint timing and drills.



The SMARTwobble is an instrumented wobbleboard which enables clinicians and patients to test and rehabilitate balance and proprioception performance. It encompasses state of the art technology housed within the wobbleboard dome which monitors the tilt of the board and communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth to the SMARTwobble PC software providing clinicians with the options of testing or rehabilitation.


3A Sensor - a 3 axis accelerometer providing orientation to the vertical in 2D but outputting no heading data.

3AMG Sensor - includes a 3 axis accelerometer, magnetometer and rate gyro, providing orientation in 3D.

Each sensor is sold as a Pearl Sensor Array, available in two different types and with a variable number of sensors to suit the user.


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If you have any general queries or need to learn more about our products and pricing, feel free to complete the contact form by clicking the link below or contact us via Twitter.

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