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Timergate - Timing Gates

The THETAmetrix Timergate offers a highly accurate and simple-to-use timing system. It comprises a minimum of 2 timing gates (‘light-gates’) which use light beams which when broken start and stop the timing. The Timergate system connects to your PC via USB, which also powers the system. The user-friendly PC software stores the individuals names together with the recorded achieved timings. This prevents the need to read and record stop-watch data. The data can be stored in a MS Excel compatible format.

Up to 2 additional slave ‘light-gates’ can be used to provide a multitude of flexible timing solutions.

Timing Gates (Speed Gates) provide more accurate timing than stop watches and add variety and challenge to a training session. They allow you to measure an improvement of a few percent in an athlete's speed - important information for a top athlete!

Sports applications

  • Sports Sprint/Run timing
  • Agility drill timing

Clinical applications

  • Walk timing
  • Clinical agility tests such as timed-up-and-go
  • Stair ascent / descent timing

To read about how Timergate was used to measure the speed of birds in flight for an upcoming BBC Nature Programme 'Inside the Animal Mind', see the News section: Timergate used to time starlings in flight for BBC Nature Programme (September 2013).

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