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SMARTwobble - Instrumented Wireless Wobbleboard

The SMARTwobble is an instrumented wobbleboard which enables clinicians and patients to test and rehabilitate balance and proprioception performance. It encompasses state of the art technology housed within the wobbleboard dome which monitors the tilt of the board and communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth to the SMARTwobble PC software.

The board itself is a high-quality wooden wobbleboard with a diameter of 400mm. The dome geometry has been specifically designed using clinician feedback to provide appropriate balance and proprioception challenge.


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The SMARTwobble software provides an easy-to-use interface, providing the clinician with the options of ‘test’ or ‘rehab’. The ‘test’ option enables clinicians and patients to complete a measured task from which a report is generated. This report describes and quantifies balance and proprioception performance relating to percentages of time spent in various degrees of tilt. ‘Rehab’ provides the patient with a series of mazes which are controlled by the wobbleboard to make balance and proprioception training fun and interactive.

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